Session: 60min | Advised 120min

‘Non-sexual, Sensual, Erotic, Liberating, Tension release

Unlike your average massage, this erotic massage involves integrating advanced approaches to uncover men’s maximal potential. It starts with relaxation, clearing and activation, followed by back and front sensual strokes and built up to an unforgettable head, chest, and butt/lingam massage. 

What can I expect from an Eros-Bodywork session?

  • Tantric ritualism
  • Conscious breathing
  • Restoration of energy flow
  • Sensual touch / Bodywork
  • Lingam massage
  • Tension release + Frequency uplifting

This ero-healing journey will also encourage the restoration and activation of the meridians, stimulating the sacred area and re-discovering or activating erotic spots like the ears, neck, nipples, chest, armpits, sacrum, legs, feet, and more.


Age: 21+

Clothing: Nude

Futon/Massage Table: Massage Table

Massage/Sensual Touch/De-armouring: Yes/Yes/No

Interaction level client: Both

Sacred Sexuality Intercourse: No

(Erotic/Therapeutic): Yes/Yes

Ejaculation: Optional

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