Rates: Tantra: €150/h | Sacred Sexuality €200/h

Best Experience: 120min

“The Art of Love & Sacred Sexuality”


The M2M Tantra Treatment is a man-to-man session M2M gladly hosts in an open and safe space filled with love and erotism. 

The practice involves energy-work and refined conscious and sensual techniques to offer you the most pleasant, relaxing healing journey. Ultimately, it will allow you to awaken to the path of love and healing pleasure while learning how to cultivate and work with your sexual and creative energy.

This session aims to embrace both the masculine and the feminine aspects of the human experience, allowing a free interplay between sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality, opening new doorways for reaching higher states of consciousness, self-awareness, healing pleasure, and expansion.

Disciplines involved

  • Energy reading / Channeling
  • Meditation / Visualisation
  • Conscious breathing
  • Tantric ritualism 
  • Body awareness
  • Lingam / Butt massage
  • Sexual Energy Transmutation
  • Sacred Sexuality (Optional/Consensual)
  • Orgasmia


Age: 21+

Clothing: Nude

Futon /Massage-Table: Futon

Ritualism/Sensual Touch/De-armouring: /Yes/Yes/No

Interaction level client: Mid/High

(Erotic/Therapeutic): Yes/Yes

Ejaculation: Optional


Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to sharing this unique and loving experience with all of you soon. 

Love, Erox

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